The Black City drops new single Funky Time


Following their debut self-titled EP, The Black City will release a hot new single, “Funky Time” on the 21st December. The modern funk band from Turin, Italy has hit gold with this straight-up natural song staying true to their funk roots. The lyrics are simple and catchy with a rhythmic groove that will have you tapping your feet and shaking your body, making it a must for every party playlist.

Look a little deeper and it’s easy to see that Funky Time is more than a great party song. The word “funky” can mean different things for different people; some would say that the world we live in today is a little funky. With lines like “The time is always right, to do what is right” and “Like Dr King said: “Now!” is the time for rising up”, we are reminded that in these interesting times that we are living, all have a part to play, including music!

The Black City’s Funky Time is a funky track that will give you a new funky response to the question “What time is it?”