The Black City drops new single Funky Time

Following their debut self-titled EP, The Black City will release a hot new single, “Funky Time” on the 21st December. The modern funk band from Turin, Italy has hit gold with this straight-up natural song staying true to their funk roots. The lyrics are simple and catchy with a rhythmic groove that will have you tapping your feet and shaking your body, making it a must for every party playlist.

Look a little deeper and it’s easy to see that Funky Time is more than a great party song. The word “funky” can mean different things for different people; some would say that the world we live in today is a little funky. With lines like “The time is always right, to do what is right” and “Like Dr King said: “Now!” is the time for rising up”, we are reminded that in these interesting times that we are living, all have a part to play, including music!

The Black City’s Funky Time is a funky track that will give you a new funky response to the question “What time is it?”




The Black City take their Pulpy Funky Show direct to you

The Black City, up and coming band from Turin, Italy have released the self-titled debut EP following their successful live tour “The Pulpy Funky Show”. True to the name of the show, The Black City adds an eclectic flavour to their unmistakable funky sound.

Since its heyday in the 60s thanks to the legendary James Brown, Parliament-Funkadelic, The Meters and the many other greats of that period, funk music has found its way into much of the mainstream music that we listen to today. But what The Black City does is take us back to funk music’s roots.

The signature groove that gets you moving, that heavy emphasis on the first beat of every measure, the melodic bass lines, the rich drum patterns and guitar riffs, all are there in every track. Though they also give you a little extra; listen for the Blues, Rock and even Latin influences. If you’re into those daring air guitar moments in your bedroom, you are going to love The Black City EP.

The EP is now available via all major music providers, where you can experience the thrill of a live performance anyway you like.